5 Easy Growth Hacks for Marketers in 2019

Since most companies are looking to progress in 2019, it’s important to identify strategies for growth, particularly those which contribute to increased profits. But which marketing strategies will propel your business?
This is a great question, because finding productive ways to grow in 2019 is a vital consideration, especially for small businesses. Marketing your business the right way is essential if you’re to reach new audiences and increase brand awareness.

There are many growth hacking strategies designed to accelerate the rate of development, in ways which will see your business reach new heights in a short time. This is the key to success in modern business, capitalizing on methods which will ultimately generate many new clients.  You’re probably wondering which growth hacking strategies are worth leveraging, but before we get into it, let’s define growth hacking.

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking is a technique used to determine the most productive ways of growing your business. The process mixes development, design, data, mix engineering, analytics, marketing and more. By experimenting with various techniques, the ultimate goal is to discover the most effective ways to achieve growth. Now you understand what it’s all about, let’s take a look at some of the biggest growth hacking strategies for your business in 2019:

Growth Hacking Strategies

Give serious consideration to these strategies and you’ll witness a sharp increase in profits, drastically transforming the limits to your achievement.

Social Media

In today’s technological landscape nearly everyone has a social media account. As a marketer, it makes sense to target platforms where people spend significant periods of time, which is exactly why social media has become an integral component of any good marketing strategy.

Leveraging social media marketing enables you to interact with prominent influencers, receive market feedback, and generally promote your business. Accomplishing this requires an investment of time, energy and money, but you’ll undoubtedly be rewarded for your efforts.

The overarching objective here is to build a social media community who can regularly engage with your business. To achieve success, your primary objective is to create actionable content which engages your target audience.

If you’re keen to experience rapid growth in the early stages of development, it’s essential to align social media activities with your company’s core objectives. Though Instagram is a great option due to its rising popularity, Facebook is a stable place to start your growth hacking strategy.

What’s great about Facebook is that you can create a group around your brand, giving your audience an opportunity to interact at their own leisure. If people are interested in the value offered they’ll join your group and potentially participate in discussions there too.

The intention is to keep your audience informed on recent goings-on while attracting those who are perhaps unfamiliar with your business. Those who are unaware of your brand should be able to learn what they need to know about your company from the Facebook group you’ve created.
You should remember to keep your page regularly updated so that people stay engaged with the recent status of your company, including things like events and promotions. This will direct your company toward growth.

Utilize Q&A Sites

Q&A sites have become a trendy growth hack for marketers. Establishing authority where consumers frequency pose questions relevant to your industry is a great way to get more traffic to your website.

Building credibility on these sites will generate more leads, especially when you offer value for people in your target audience. Q&A sites are great because they contain long-tailed keywords, something which leads to lots of visitors. If you’ve created business pages on forums like Reddit, Quora, and others, people will be intrigued to visit your page if you’re addressing common customer pain points.

Offering solutions to pressing questions is a valuable exchange between customer and company. Q&A websites are among the biggest in the world, meaning they’re a great place to focus on your growth marketing efforts.

By regularly helping others you’ll redirect traffic to your page, which should then link to the product/service you’re offering. The more detailed/valuable your answers, the more likely prospective consumers will think you’re trustworthy.

Follow Competitors

Though you’ll ultimately want to differentiate from competitors to distinguish yourself, that doesn’t mean to say you can’t learn from them. In fact your biggest competitors have probably capitalized on the growth hacking techniques at their disposal.

If they’ve been successful you can assume the strategies they’ve used are worth emulating. Acknowledging the competitive landscape you’re a part will enable you to discover a competitive advantage that permits you to grow faster than the rest.

This means not only focusing purely on your business endeavors but honing in on the variable factors within your landscape. These are increasingly present in today’s digital climate, where regular change is more common than ever before.

Embracing industry changes is a great way to get one step ahead of the competition because you can quickly adapt to and evolve with the times. Many companies fail because they simply copy competitors without doing anything different.

Though you should follow your competitors, that doesn’t mean you should imitate their every move. By doing so you’ll probably restrict your company’s growth rather than propelling it. When implementing a proper business plan you should focus on the conversations happening around your target brand.

These will be happening on social media, forums, and essentially wherever your target demographic hangs out. Evaluating your competition means assessing blog content and working out which keywords you should target. This is a great way to follow your competition’s lead, while always remembering to stand out.

Once you understand the focus of your keyword research, you can build valuable content to naturally direct traffic through your website. You can also track all of the backlinks your competition creates, to get a better idea of how they are marketing products and services.

Tools like SEMRush and Spyfu are great for this.


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