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How important is Instagram to your marketing business?

Most major businesses use Instagram for marketing. However, it’s not only major corporations that utilize the medium. Most companies, in general, look to Instagram to increase revenue. The defining reason for creating an Instagram business account does not lie in blindly following the herd, though it’s indisputable that most companies have joined the trend. The main reason boils down to exposure. It’s no coincidence that a large portion of the marketplace resides on the social media platform. Ultimately, it’s in the best interest of any business to use Instagram for marketing.


According to Hootsuite, at least a billion people use Instagram. It goes without saying that any business can sign on to Instagram to and gain followers by posting engaging content. However, any business should approach Instagram with a strategy. Merely posting on the platform will not ensure profitable results.

One strategy involves using relevant hashtags. A business can reach its target audience by including hashtags associated with the product or service. It’s also helpful to tag the location to draw in local customers.

Instagram developers have created algorithms to prevent companies from exploiting the system. However, one must be cautious. If a company uses a large handful of the same hashtags for every post, it’s likely that the algorithm will it was automated. If that happens, your customer may never see the post at all, because it will not appear on his or her feed.


Link in bio

A business looking to rake in profit from Instagram will often include a link in the bio. Since Instagram does not allow users to copy and paste links into any post, the account owner will have to put this link in their profile bio. Posts can then have a plug for this link.

A business can also apply for Instagram’s approval to have a shoppable post feature that allows customers to use eCommerce straight from Instagram. However, Instagram has set restrictions on the shoppable posts feature to allow for physical goods only.


It is free for anyone to set up a business account on Instagram. Through Instagram’s settings, any person or business can switch to a business account and view their analytics. Explicitly, Instagram will track insights for business accounts, so that the owner can check the demographics and check how many accounts a post has reached. Moreover, the report will show whether the post reached accounts because of hashtags, tags, or simply from the usual follower list. Based on the analytics, the company can re-evaluate and create a new strategy for reaching a target audience.

business account


Nearly any marketing executive would agree it’s crucial to earn a good reputation with your target market through word of mouth. Online, a company can use Instagram to build trust with consumers in a similar way. For one, users can upload stories to Instagram to build audience rapport.

Instagram’s live feed allows businesses to speak to customers in real-time. The live feed feature allows customers to comment with feedback during the video. Likewise, the person posting can respond to questions immediately. Although some business owners may view recording a live feed video as a risk, other entrepreneurs see it as an opportunity to gain an audience’s trust.

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