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How to Get Started with Email Marketing Easily

There’s never been a better time to jump into email marketing. Its effectiveness in today’s business climate is at an all-time high, as it consistently outperforms other digital marketing initiatives like social media. This is a motivating factor for leveraging modern email marketing methods.

With e-mail marketing, you’re likely to secure a solid ROI. However, you’re probably wondering how to get started with it? Let’s delve a bit deeper to highlight how email marketing can be utilized in easier ways than you’d think:

Choose an Email Marketing Provider

This is the only way you can leverage email marketing automation to deliver messages to many contacts. With a professional provider, you’ll also benefit from email templates, tracking features, and tools to help grow your campaign.

Gather Contacts

You’ll want to establish an email marketing list comprising your existing customers and the business contacts you liaise with regularly. This is a great starting point, though you should focus on expanding your list further. You can achieve success by recruiting contacts with an online sign-up form on your website, alongside encouraging social media followers to sign-up.

By building and nurturing relationships with quality contacts, you’ll have a much better chance of reaching your audience via email.

Add Contacts to Your Email Marketing Account

Add the contacts you’ve accrued to your account. You can accomplish this by uploading contacts from the spreadsheet where you’ve collected details, or directly from your email account. It helps if you can organize contacts based on distinct factors, creating separate lists around personal preferences so you can tailor your marketing efforts based on specific interests.


Devise a Welcome Email

This is important because it will be the first impression people get, at a time when they’ve already invested time and energy into exploring your business. Making a strong impact when someone is already engaged should result in a higher open rate, especially if you deliver value from the onset. Consider including a warm greeting, an overview of what to expect, and an enticing offer on something they’ll find useful. Coordinate your welcome email so it automatically sends to new contacts.

Raise the Bar for a Better Customer Experience

Nobody was asking for the banking industry to come up with ATMs, but once ATMs started to appear, it becomes a make-or-break customer expectation that every bank had to have. The same applies to new business innovations from auto-fill form fields to stored payment details.

As more and more customers receive a personalized customer experience, low-value and traditional service will appear indifferent and cold in comparison.

Businesses that use automation for one purpose only – to lower their costs, are avoiding big opportunities at the expense of solid and long-term relationships. Through automation, invest your savings to stay one step ahead of customers’ expectations so you can accomplish better results for both your business and your customers.

Create an Email Template

Use one of many professional email templates to send out visually appealing, beautifully designed emails which immediately grab your audience’s attention. Choose an eye-catching layout for better results, one which is relevant to the scenario at hand. Save a version of your design as a reusable master template, which should include your business logo and a link back to your homepage. You should also include your contact information, business name and relevant social media channels.

Email Template

Write Persuasively

Your email message should be broken down into the following sections:

1. What are you offering?
2. How does this Help the Reader?
3. What’s Next? (Call to action)

This three-step formula will keep you on track, helping you write messages in a convincing manner.

Subject Line

The subject line of your email is arguably the most important for grabbing someone’s attention. Subscribers will observe this prior to opening the email, so if you make a good impression people they’ll be more encouraged to open it. Focus on writing something concise and snappy, perhaps commanding attention by posing a compelling question. You can even get creative by either teasing or including a deadline for urgency.

Choose the Right Time

You’ll need to consider the right timing to send out your email, a factor which will vary depending on who’s in your list. By researching online you’ll discover times which work best for your industry, from which you can send consistent emails when they’ll have the most impact. You might even elect to stick to a consistent sending schedule, but you can experiment and discover which approach works best for you.

Track Your Results

Tracking your results will enable you to measure success, creating leeway to tweak your email marketing methods according to what works best. You can track things like click-through rate, unsubscribe rates and open rates. A strong understanding of how each individual email performs will help you accomplish great things, providing you’re willing to make improvements in real time. Discovering what interests readers most will help you focus your marketing efforts into the emails which are translating to quantifiable results.

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