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Must-Use Tools for Digital Marketers

When it comes to promoting your business to the masses, digital marketing is without question a leading modern initiative for mass exposure. While it is a tough field to master, there are various tools to make your marketing lives considerably easier.

Capitalizing on these tools will help you maximize productivity while reducing marketing expenditure dramatically. What’s even better is that many of these tools are offered for free, enabling organizations to unlock marketing expertise that would otherwise remain locked.

The latest and greatest digital marketing tools will help you execute your strategy, facilitating everyday marketing efforts. They might not do all of the work for you but can certainly grant you a competitive edge. Most tools are leveraged to perform specific functions, like keyword tracking or design for example.

But what marketing tools do you need to be successful?

Well, strap in tight because here are some must-have tools for taking your digital marketing efforts to the next level:

Google Analytics

Analytics enable you to easily track everything on your website, including traffic sources, visitors, revenue and conversions. It is arguably one of the first things you should install on your site, otherwise it can be difficult determining what is and isn’t working.

Google Analytics will record how many visitors your site receives, where they’ve come from, the pages they view, how long visitors stay for, and pretty much every relevant metric you can think of.

You really couldn’t ask for much more, especially considering it’s a free service! Google Analytics is the backbone of any prevalent marketing campaign, delivering the information needed to make well-informed decisions. Install Google Analytics as a priority, and you certainly won’t be disappointed.



The world of SEO isn’t always a smooth ride. In fact, there are many challenges to overcome in order to reach your objectives. A website failing to rank on Google is fairly common, but with SEO Audits by SEMRush you can sidestep this obstacle.

The SEO Audit tool offered by SEMRush is very useful. It works conveniently after simply plugging in a few details: name, email and your site URL. The tool can create a complimentary SEO Audit based on this information alone, before sending a report directly to your email address.

This will document a page crawl that includes a brief overview of issues like broken pages, blocked pages, and redirects. You’ll also receive a total score of how your website is performing, alongside a top three of recurring issues.

You can subsequently run the audit as frequently as possible, enabling you to regularly monitor the progress of your SEO efforts for free.


Content marketing continues to rise in popularity, especially as Google continues to give weight to valuable online content. Most marketers will increase their content budget over the coming year, but that doesn’t mean to say you’ll need to increase your budget to achieve great results.

Especially when you have BuzzSumo at your disposal, a tool which enables you to learn from the mistakes of others, preferencing working smart not hard. BuzzSumo scans social media for blogs and articles which are relevant in your niche, calculating the most engaging topics based on shares and other factors.

You can then base your blogs around trending subject matter, that which is certain to help you achieve the results you’re looking for. BuzzSumo enables you to focus your attention on what’s doing best at this moment in time, helping your articles receive more coverage and ultimately generate more leads as a result.



Punch up your website traffic with a comprehensive tool which has data for more than 150 million keywords in the U.S alone! Fantastic for competitive analysis, Ahrefs allows you to assess who is linking to your competitors, their top pages, and so much more.

From this information, you can determine where your competitor’s content ranks, while identifying key weaknesses for your content areas using the Content Gap tool. You can also leverage the top pages tool to observe which pages get the most traffic while evaluating data on the visitors that go to your competitors’ sites.

There are many impressive features to take advantage of with these tools, where you’ll constantly be learning about new uses and benefits.

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